Do You Know What is Available to You? pt5

jrh_2015_scholarship_graphicIn this segment we are continuing with what is available to the members, we will touch on not only what is available to you, but what is available to your family also. On our member resources page we have a link to the available Teamster scholarships. Every January eligible dependents of members can apply for Teamster Scholarships.

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Do You Know What is Available to You? pt4


This segment continues to talk about our Members Resources page on our website and mobile app. One of the links in Member Resources/Services, is the Benefits Assistance page. Local 1150 established the Benefits Assistance Office in February 2009 with the creation of the Hourly Benefits Coordinator through collective bargaining. The office assists members with dissemination of benefits information, navigation through benefits processes, including claims and hearings, or answers to any benefits related questions you may have. Topics may include medical, dental, prescription drug or vision care, education, pension, retirement, worker’s compensation, disability, and savings plan.

On this page, you will find the very helpful links to many things that may impact your employment regarding benefits. The first link and drop down is to our Benefits Coordinator, John Santamaria. John has a very extensive background and history in our Union and is very diverse in all areas of the hourly benefits package, including: Pension, Teamsters Rx, Medical, Dental, Vision Care and more. He has offices located in the Stratford plant as well as at the CT Union Hall. In the drop down you find the office hours for each location as well as the links to contact him via email or by telephone.

The second drop down on the benefits page brings you to our Teamster RX links and pages. Here you will find a link to log into your Teamster RX account to place orders or make changes and see how the plan works and what has recently changed. You will also see numbers and contact information if you ever have any questions regarding your prescriptions.

The last two drop down menus contain almost every link and phone number you need to deal with anything benefits related. There are links and numbers to CIGNA, Davis Vision, Hewitt, Medicare, Workers Comp, Payroll, UTC and Lockheed savings plan, and many more.

At Teamsters Local 1150, we are proud that we have negotiated the Benefits Coordinator position to assist our members with their benefit concerns. As a member you now have someone that is a Union Member to help you. Anything you need to talk about is strictly confidential and follows all HIPPA guidelines and laws. If you ever have any questions regarding your benefits, feel free to reach out to John or stop by our webpage and app to do some research on your own. As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to ask away. We are here for you, because of you. Stay informed, Get involved, Stand United!

Benefits Assistance Page

Do You Know What Is AvailableTo You? pt3


This segment continues to talk about our member resource and services page on our website and mobile app. There you will find a link to our Veterans Assistance page.

Local 1150’s philosophy is one of service, and no sector of society deserves more thanks for its service than our veterans. Our union is made up of a diversity of people that includes many veterans. We now stand to serve, to the best of our abilities, those who served us. If you are a veteran in need of assistance with your service connected benefits or just need help, please contact the Veterans Service Officer, Jeff Cascarelli. Jeff is a certified service officer who can help you navigate VA systems and can assist you in contacting the right people and organizations to help you with any service connected problem.

As a VSO, (Veterans Service Officer), Jeff can help you with many service related needs like, having all the forms and other information you may need to obtain service from the Department of Veteran Affairs.  VSO’s are trained and accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to provide assistance to veterans, their dependents, and survivors. This includes not only applying for federal and state benefits but also providing resources related to the following: Compensation and Pension, Health Care, Education & Training, Employment, Burial & Survivor, Housing, Transportation, Military Records and more.

Jeff’s contact information is on this page with a direct link to call or email him. Also, on this page is a list of very useful links to sites like, Department of Veterans Affairs, Disabled American Veterans, Department of Defense and links to all branches of the military.

As our philosophy states, we are here to help serve you, our member, our veteran, our family, to the best of our abilities, day or night. If you need help, do not be afraid to reach out. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to ask away. We are here for you, because of you. Stay informed, Get involved, Stand United!


Veterans Assistance Page

Do You Know What is Available to you? pt2


In our first segment, we discussed the importance of our website and mobile app, and how we will be taking you through the website page by page over the next week(s). This weeks segment is all about member resource and services. On this page you will find the links to some of the most important information we have. You will find, Employee assistance, veteran assistance, benefit assistance, scholarships, health and safety, and more. Todays topic will cover Employee assistance and what is available to you.

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Do You Know What Is Available To You?

In our fast paced, modern society, everyone tends to overlook or take simple things for granted. We overlook resources that are so easily available to us because we are blinded by whats going on in the world. We forget that televisions have channels to help improve our lives like cooking, gardening, or building because we are distracted by the mainstream news 24/7. We live in a world where our brain automatically says “google” when we need to know something, but it doesn’t always help because we sit there and sift through tons of internet pages trying to find “what we need to know at this moment”. Well, there are infinite resources available to us to improve our life, you just need to realize they’re right in front of you.  Continue reading “Do You Know What Is Available To You?”

How YOU can help your community: Farm edition,

Food, one simple word that has so many meanings. We crave it, love it, live for it, we can’t survive without it. However food isn’t just a means to survive anymore, it is a way through life and affects everything in it. Food changes our mood, our behavior, it sets the stage for events and gatherings. Nowadays you cant surf the net or watch television without seeing food being sold, made, or investigated. Food has engulfed our entire existence, but it hasn’t always been that way.

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Today, we remember those we lost, May 9th 1996 

Twenty years ago today, a CH-53E undergoing acceptance testing with a Sikorsky Aircraft crew onboard experienced a catastrophic failure over the Stratford flight field that resulted in the loss of the four crewmen and the aircraft. The crew, our bothers, friends, and co-workers, consisted of 

Dave Kish, former Marine Corps Ch-53 pilot, Navy H-2 pilot and USAF Reserve H-60 pilot, who joined sikorsky in 1989, was the pilot. 

Yong Lee, former Marine and Navy H-53 pilot for 12 years, who joined sikorsky in 1993, was the co-pilot. 

Lenny Kuderna, Navy veteran who served two tours of duty and joined Sikorsky in 1979, was the crew chief on the aircraft. 

Tom Payne, a longtime sikorsky employee who started with the company in 1967, was the electronics flight systems technician. 

The tragic loss resulted in an extensive investigation which eventually led to several significant improvements to the aircraft, including the development and incorporation of a bearing monitor system on all H-53E aircraft which enhanced the safe operation of the fleet. The sacrifice of the crew and their contribution to the continuing safe operation of the H-53 and other aircraft will never be forgotten. 

Why you should care about your pension!

It doesn’t matter if you are 60 years old or 20 years old, you should care about your pension the same. Your pension is literally your lifeline in retirement. Your pension is money! I remember when I was growing up, all of my elders had a pension, a savings plan, or some type of savings to make sure they can retire at a decent age and simply put, live.

Pensions are going away if not gone! This should scare all of us because we might be the last generation to have one.  Read more on why companies around the United States just like UTC and Lockheed are trying to get rid of your pension.  Continue reading “Why you should care about your pension!”