Do You Know What Is Available To You?

In our fast paced, modern society, everyone tends to overlook or take simple things for granted. We overlook resources that are so easily available to us because we are blinded by whats going on in the world. We forget that televisions have channels to help improve our lives like cooking, gardening, or building because we are distracted by the mainstream news 24/7. We live in a world where our brain automatically says “google” when we need to know something, but it doesn’t always help because we sit there and sift through tons of internet pages trying to find “what we need to know at this moment”. Well, there are infinite resources available to us to improve our life, you just need to realize they’re right in front of you. 

One of the most important resources is our own website and APP. Yes, thats right, the Teamsters Local 1150 website and app (available to you for free in “google play” and “the app store”. When is the last time you checked it out? Did you know that you can view your wage card, or can download what your rights at work are? We have built our website and app for you. So you, the most important part of our union, can be informed, be knowledgeable and be prepared, to get involved or at the very least know what you’re entitled to and what your right is.

Our website has many layers to it, and a robust amount of information, most which is on our app. (but not all) Over the next few weeks, we will dive into each aspect of what we have and how it can help you out.

Most have probably seen the homepage but haven’t dug deep enough to gain the full benefit. On the homepage we have some of the most important items like, Sikorsky Jobs,  Member Resources, A link to our meeting schedules and directions, our events, Teamsters RX, and our members services.

Lets take a look at the very simple yet barely used Sikorsky Jobs page. it is exactly what it sounds like, a direct link to view and apply for a job at Sikorsky Aircraft. Clicking on this link brings you right to the job postings. You can then narrow it down by state or job type like “hourly”.

Did you know that not only is this direct link available to you on the web, but it is also in your pocket? Thats right, we have a Teamsters Local 1150 APP that has the same link. You can now apply for a job right from your cell phone through our app. If you have ever thought about moving to or from CT or are just looking to see where the company is hiring, this is the way to do it. For our members that may be on layoff, this app and link are essential to know where an opening is. Some important information to note is, generally job postings only stay up on the website or app for 10 days. So if you’re looking for that “perfect” job opening, make sure you’re checking it frequently. If you’re looking for only hourly jobs, make sure you check off “hourly” in the category filter so you don’t have to go through pages of salary positions also.

Over the next week(s) we will highlight a part of our website and app that will hopefully make your lives a little easier or at the very least more informed. Next time: Member resources, one of the most important pages we have! So go ahead, take a look, dive deeper and as always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns feel free to ask away. We are here for you, because of you. Stay informed, Get involved, Stand United!



Author: Teamsters1150

Teamsters Local 1150 proudly represents the thousands of Teamsters that build the best helicopter on earth at Sikorsky Aircraft.

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