May the fourth be with you…

As many of us remember this day as Star Wars Day, we in the labor community remember the darker side of the force today. This day marks the 130th anniversary of the Haymarket Massacre. The Haymarket Massacre, or riot if you prefer, was a major event in labor history. What began as a peaceful rally with labor activists supporting workers striking for an eight-hour work day, an unknown person threw a dynamite bomb at police as they tried to disperse the rally. The blast and ensuing gun fire left seven officers and four civilians dead with countless injured. Continue reading “May the fourth be with you…”

We have a blog!!!!

Welcome to Teamsters local 1150’s first blog post! yes, we are as excited as you! Over the next few weeks we will be innovating and creating materials to keep you, the members and viewers interested in local 1150 engaged and informed.

2016: What a year this will be. From being freed from our darkened reigns to creating the new Teamsters local 1150 app, this year is sure to bring better and brighter things for our future. Stay tuned and make sure you check out our Facebook page and new app for info and news!

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